After doing some thinking I decided to name the Project Euler solutions project after Euler himself: Leonhard. For now it’s just a couple of CMake scripts with some simple C++ codes in it to serve as a boilerplate to solve and test the Project Euler problems.

While designing it I thought it should at least be able to do the following:

  1. include and execute any developed solution (in C++, of course);
  2. test the result of a solution against a pre-defined value;
  3. measure the time spent while executing any solution;
  4. do all the steps above in batch mode (in one command only);
  5. implement classes to be used as libraries in one or more solutions.

I believe if all the items above are achieved I’ll have a nice place to solve the problems. I’ll try to code it in the next days and, at least for now, it’ll have just a command line interface. Let’s see how this thing flows.